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Health at Esquire Caucasians
The Esquire Caucasians breeding program consistently produces dogs that live long, healthy, functional lives. We achieve this result via a four-fold approach :

1. Extensive, international, ongoing pedigree research to select our foundation breeding stock from generations of healthy, functional dogs - from Russia and elsewhere ;
2. Screening our breeding stock for dysplasia, heart problems and thyroid - and choosing for breeding the healthiest and soundest dogs available in the world ;
3. Saving the genetic material (including frozen semen) of dogs who have in fact demonstrated long, healthy lives for future breeding - see Animal Clinic Northview ;
4. Utilizing very diverse pedigrees and aboriginal bloodlines in our program to maintain vigor and genetic diversity.

Esquire Caucasians has led the breed's USA health screening efforts, by establishing the United States health screening recommendations for Caucasians in 1991, which were incorporated into the COCA Code of Ethics that year and have been published widely ever since. Esquire Caucasians has naturally followed these recommendations throughout our breeding program. Click here to learn more about the breed-specific Caucasian Ovcharka Club of America, COCA.

An Esquire puppy is examined by our veterinarian, North Ridge Veterinary Hospital, a minimum of 3 times before going to a new home. We do not cut corners on health care - nor do the owners of puppies we have sold. Our puppies are vaccinated by our veterinarian, and receive at least 2 series of vaccinations and fecal exams before transfer. All puppies are sold with a Veterinary Health Certificate.

We provide lifetime owner support to the buyers of our precious puppies. Despite our best efforts at producing the healthiest dogs, should Mother Nature be unkind, Esquire Caucasians guarantees that our dogs are healthy and functional to the satisfaction of the buyer.

We are proud of the results of our attention to the health of our dogs. In the following article we have featured some of the elders among our Caucasians - our beloved "OLDcharka". As you note their ages, please bear in mind that the life expectancy for the breed is typically given as 9 to 11 years.
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"OLDcharka" at Esquire Caucasians
Esquire Caucasians is home to THE OLDEST LIVING CAUCASIANS IN NORTH AMERICA, and some of the oldest Caucasians in the world ! Below photos of some of our beloved elderly dogs. Each photo is copyright protected and is the property of Stacey Kubyn : these photos may not be reproduced, but please do enjoy viewing them here. Larger and additional photos can be found in our Photo Gallery and in our special OLDcharka Gallery.

HURMA iz Ilinka TT , my darling "Hema"
Second ATTS "TT" Temperament Tested and certified Caucasian in the US, foundation dam at Esquire Caucasians, dam of Ch. Esquire's BRUNO TT and my dear-to-heart girl. "Hema" was imported as a young adult from a factory guarding kennel in St. Petersburg Russia where she had already earned her first guarding certificate. Gentle as a lamb with family, loyal, loving, headstrong, not obedient, perfect judgment and an uncorruptable guard, "Hema" has taught me the meaning of "ONE CORRECT TEMPERAMENT" under the RKF Breed Standard. Our foundation dam at Esquire Caucasians.
Click here to see "Hema"-my-love at nearly age 11 years.

Ch. Esquire's BRUNO TT
First USA born champion, first ATTS TT Temperament Tested certified Caucasian in the U.S. and unanimously rated "EXCELLENT" under FCI, AKC and rarebreed judges. "Hema's" son born at Esquire and a revered elder here over a decade later.
Ch. BRUNO at 11+ years old :

Click here for a Photo Gallery dedicated to our Ch. BRUNO.

Multi Best In Show Ch. CEZAR TT, OFA
CEZAR BONZO AN-RO-GE, sired by International FCI Ch. ROBBER Vom Hamstereck with dam NELA z Lechistanu. The top winning showdog of the breed in USA history ! Back-to-back Best-In-Shows at American Rarebreed Association Cherry Blossom 1998. ARBA Memorial Award 1998 for most dogs defeated !
Our CEZAR, Temperament Tested and still joyously "On Guard" every day at Esquire, now 11 years old :

Click here for a Photo Gallery dedicated to our Ch. CEZAR.

USSR Multi Champion FARAON KS-1
KS Protection titled in Russia and foundation sire at Esquire Caucasians. There are none better.
USSR Multi Ch. FARAON KS-1, our great and noble and good "Fedya", a proud papa at age 13.5 years :

One of the first imports to the US and one of our first loves at Esquire.
Click here to see CHARKA at age 10.5 years.

ALEXIS, our "Lexi"
One of the first imports to the US and another of our first loves at Esquire.
Here is ALEXIS at age 13 years old.

NATASHA , "Tasha" at Esquire
One of the first imports to the US and one of our first loves at Esquire.
NATASHA at 12.5 years old.

Ch. PAVLOVA , our "Pavi"
One of the first imports to the US and one of our first loves at Esquire.
Ch. PAVLOVA at 13 years old.

ODESSA, our "Dessi" at Esquire
One of the first imports to the US and one of our first loves at Esquire.
Click here for our "Dessi" at 12.5 and "Dessi" at 13 years old.

LALA is the daughter of the famous FRANT in Russia. We rescued her out of a factory kennel that, due to the economic traumas in the 1990's, did not have enough money to feed her. She was rail thin and had already survived distemper as a puppy in Russia. The factory was not her first owner - she had been owned by a woman who could not afford to feed her either and had given her to the factory in hopes that she would be taken care of. She is cared for and very loved now at Esquire.
Our LALA at age 12 years.

While not one of our dogs, we just couldn't resist including mention of HABIBA, owned by the Russkiy Medved kennel in Russia and granddam to our dams LADOGA and EL.
Here is a photo of an oil painting of the glorious granddam HABIBA at well over 13 years old.
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