Caucasian Ovcharka

Champion Caucasian Ovtcharka
Amelia's Russian Memories

by Ameila W.

Seven years ago during the month of June, I spent 3 weeks in Russia where I looked at and interacted with dozens of Caucasian Mountain Dogs (much easier to say Mountain than Ovcharka because it is more understandable to the average person). From that time on, I have obtained some understanding of that particular breed, and I must say that I truly believe them to be a great dog that takes a certain type of person to be able to handle successfully so that animal is an asset rather than a liability. The breed produces so many different personalities, some easy to handle and some not so easy to handle......but most importantly must be owned by someone dedicated to the breed and and one who wants to make a success out of the animal. Since my trip to Russia, I am in constant contact with a number of Caucasians that are truly considered a success because of the strong discipline, love and caring given them by their owners. Each one of these dogs are special and each one is different in personality from the other but the most common feeling you have when you have a Caucasian is you just feel safe........what a wonderful feeling that you have a dog that truly makes you feel safe.....that is all for now.....just felt like writing.

(c)2002 Amelia W.

Caucasian Mountain Dog