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"Esquire's Caucasian Mountains Dogs ... They fill our days with love and have brought us friends around the world. ..." - Stacey Kubyn

United States Breed Founders
Our first Caucasians joined us in 1990, just as the Soviet Union's government was falling. It has been nearly a decade and a half since that first adventurous trip to Russia. Over those years, we have tried to document the beauty and grace and dignity of our beloved dogs in photos. The photos on our web site are all pictures of our own dogs or the puppies born here. Some are now old, the revered and beloved elders of our family. Some are big strapping boys and girls in the spring and summer of their lives. Some are wee little ones who have just entered the world. Each has a special place in our hearts. We hope that by sharing our family with yours, you might come to love and admire these fine animals as much as we do.

These great dogs look on us and our families with such genuine tenderness that we forget our problems under the gaze of these great smiling bears - their confidence, reliability and protectiveness bring security to our homes and our lives.

Looking at our wonderful dogs, we hope that you see what we see : the Caucasian Ovcharka is not simply beautiful, it is irresistible, it is splendid !

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Chardon Township, Ohio
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Russ Kubyn
, Attorney-at-Law and Stacey Kubyn, Biologist and Attorney-at-Law.
Founders : U.S. Breed Founders for Preservation, Est. 1990
Founders : Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog) Club of America (COCA), Est. 1991
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Breed Experience : Since 1990, when the former Soviet Union first permitted the breed's exportation, Stacey Kubyn is a biologist, breed lecturer and author of breed articles and the breed book, "Caucasian Mountain Dog". She has completed multiple field studies on the Caucasian Mountain Dog in the former Soviet Union. There she has also attended conferences and has been an invited judge and guest speaker. Esquire dogs have made television appearances and have participated around the U.S. in promotional exhibits. Esquire owns the most winning Caucasian show champions in the U.S. Ours were the first Best-In-Show winners at all rarebreed competitions. We have conducted a limited breeding program since 1992. Our program produced the first U.S.-born champion, Esquire's Bruno TT ("Temperament Tested" and certified by ATTS), who was unanimously rated "Excellent" by FCI, AKC and rarebreed judges. Esquire's Alaina (owner : Vicky Anderson) was the first Caucasian Ovcharka Delta Society Therapy Dog in the world.

Our tradition of excellence and success has continued each year since our founding - with show winners, working titlists and, most importantly, an ever-growing ciricle of friends who have welcomed this rugged dog of the cold Caucasus into the warmth of their homes and of their hearts.

Esquire Caucasian Mountain Dogs is located on a beautiful equestrian ranch in the Little Mountain vicinity of Chardon Township, Ohio. Little Mountain, elevation 1266 feet, is a sandstone sugarloaf believed by geologists to be the result of volcanic disturbances during the glacial period. The mountain and vicinity was once a favorite hunting ground of the Native Americans who, according to legend, regarded it as a "Special Dwelling Place of the Gods" and held many of their sacred ceremonies on the plateau. There are deep caverns, rock formations, towering conifers, and many springs of clear, cold water. On the forested summit in 1831 was built the first vast hotel, followed by three others and many summer cottages. The place attracted the notables of the political and fashionable world, and became the Saratoga Springs of the West, boasting many summer attractions : a dry atmosphere, no dew, cool nights, pure spring water, the scent of the pines, and the absence of mosquitoes, gnats, and flies. The area was said to be beneficial for persons with malaria, pulmonary and other diseases, hay fever, insomnia, and for those needing absolute rest. The famous and popular summer resort is now just a memory. During the early 1900's wealthy Clevelanders bought farms and property on and around Little Mountain. Since the 1970's, large parcels have been donated to the Holden Arboretum for preservation. Little Mountain has a distinct climate. While the nearby Cleveland area averages 54 inches of snow a year, Little Mountain and the Chardon area average twice as much. This extra snowfall occurs because of the sharp rise in elevation from Lake Erie to the top of Little Mountain, almost 700 feet higher. As winds come off Lake Erie, they pick up moisture, which is released as they rise, creating a snowbelt. Little Mountain was once the home of black bear, beaver ,elk, lynx, marten, wolf and panther. Today animals such as coyote, deer, fox, raccoon, woodchuck, squirrel, chipmunk and opossum roam the area.

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